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Away | 11 March 2018

Match Report

Today’s match was held on neutral turf for both teams and was played on a 3G pitch which for the blues is an unfamiliar playing surface. Never the less, after a long lay off period due to the recent bad weather and the fact that today was Mothering Sunday the boys were planning on giving a good account of themselves, and it seemed with energy to burn. Today’s opponents were a well organised Collier row side whom in our previous match had beaten us at manor road quite comfortably. After a few late arrivals the long awaited starting whistle was blown and the Blues came pressing from the off, Collier row were caught by surprise and knew from our determination were going to be in for a completely different game to our first meeting. Both sides were making breaks and with some great passing between the defence we had soon put the first goal up on the board with a nice shot wrong footing the Collier row keeper. Play was very competitive and both teams were giving their all. The home side soon brought the score level with the ball worked into the goal. The Dagenham boys never let this bother them as has previously been the case and both teams were pushing to get the upper hand going into halftime. Collier row were giving it their all but the Blues defence and strong midfield held off all challenges that they came with and because our boys wanted it that little bit more with some neat passing through the Collier row team the all important goal fell to us by a cheeky little low shot to the corner. The halftime whistle blew and both teams gathered around the managers. The second half started and again chances were created at both ends of the pitch and both teams had hit the wood work on more than one occasion. The ball went out for a Collier row corner and a nice ball into the box was scrambled over the line due to the shear amount of bodies in the box. With the score once again level both teams were slugging it out like two heavyweight boxers in the championship rounds. On the odd occasion that Collier row broke through our defence a power shot top bins left the Dagenham keeper needing another two foot of arm reach to even be close to having a chance of getting a hand to it. This gave the Blues even more cause to get an equaliser as neither team at this point deserved to lose. The referee had called the last minute of play and the Dagenham supporters were disappointed that we had worked so hard and were going away without a single point, but the players on the pitch were not giving up as easily as the parents and at times like this when your against the clock something magical needs to happen and through pure grit and heart a shot from outside of the box on the bounce flew over the Collier row keeper and glided into the back of the net. The ball was placed back on the centre spot and with the next touch of the ball the full time whistle was blown. 
All in all this was an amazing match and all should be extremely proud. The never say never attitude paid off and goes to show that we can never give up and must fight til the end.
Man of the match is spread across the pitch today as each and every player contributed to a fantastic result.

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