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Home | 25 March 2018

Match Report

With the Beast from the East hopefully gone for good the Dagenham Blues were back at Manor road for a re-scheduled match against the Ridgeway Rovers Panthers. After our last match ending in a well deserved draw the boys were eager to put in the same performance to prove that this was no one off.
The Blues kicked off and it was evident that the Rovers had came with the same mindset of battling hard across the pitch. The Rovers were slightly in front in terms of possession which ment that the first few chances went their way. Fortunately a great display from the Dagenham keeper kept the score level. Dagenham soon got some of the ball and created a couple of chances of their own, one just going wide and another hitting the back of the net,  but sadly in a goal that was positioned behind the pitch. The next chance fell to the opposition just beating the on form keeper. The Blues were battling all over the pitch but once again the next goal was also for the Rovers. The halftime whistle was blown and in the boys went. The team talk was to keep pressing as both teams were evenly matched and that the next goal could change the game completely. With this being said the Blues came out of the traps with the never say never attitude and were getting stuck in from the off. Dagenham were destined to score the next goal as we were starting to break through the Rovers defence. A few wide shots and some nice saves left their keeper hoping to keep a clean sheet. The ball was cleared up the pitch and knocked out for a Rovers corner, the clash of kits made it difficult to differentiate between the players  in a crowded goal line scramble with the ball bouncing around the mouth of the goal deflecting off players and the wood work like a 1970’s arcade pinball machine with the ball finally coming to a halt in the back of the Dagenham net. The Blues knew that they needed to get on the score sheet soon to stand any chance of a come back and with that said the next chance they created they put away with a powerful low shoot driven in the bottom corner from an almost impossible angle. The ball was picked out of the net and quickly run back and placed on the centre spot. Shouts of “keep going boys” and “keep pressing” from the home supporters gave the Blues a burst of energy and within less than a minute the ball was nicely passed through the Rovers defence falling to a Blue. With adrenaline high and pressure rising a cool calculated left footed shot was neatly taken and knocked passed the bamboozled keeper still in shock from the first goal “Game on”.
Time was running out and yet again the boys kept battling until the very end.
All in all a good performance from the Dagenham Blues and a sign of good things to come once we can put away a few more of the chances we are creating. Good efforts across the pitch left man of the match a tough one to pick but was eventually given to Sidney for yet again another solid performance between the sticks.
Unlucky today boys but well played “Happy Easter”.

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