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Date Added 04/09/2017

Dagenham United Under 11 Blues are excited to announce they will be sponsored by Cypher App for the 2017/18 & 2018/19 Seasons!

Cypher App is a peer to peer support app for young people and therefore this feels like a perfect match for the team going forward. The App headquarters are based in Barking and Dagenham, and we are thrilled to be working alongside a local company.

Dagenham United Under 11 Blues are a new team for this season at the Club, currently consisting of 13 players for 9 a side football (12 boys and 1 girl)

We have seen so much development already within the team from when we all started training together at the beginning of June. Confidence has grown, skills are improving and the kids are all getting to know each other and bonding.

Our team ethos is simple, "It's all about the kids"

We want them to enjoy the game, have fun, make friends, and make lasting positive childhood memories, all while learning and developing skills that will be of use both on and off the pitch (teamwork, making decisions, respecting peers, officials and opposition for example)

We really feel our team ethos works well with Cypher App’s core values of “supporting and making meaningful connections with those around you.”

Kids are only kids for such a short while and we live in a crazy world. We want to give these kids opportunities to learn, grow, smile, laugh, make friends and enjoy their childhood!

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Cypher App for their generous donation to the team, with their help we will be purchasing the team rain jackets for the winter months. Our match day shirts have Cypher App’s logo proudly embellished on the front, and we will soon be arranging a team photo to be taken, printed and framed for Cypher App to have displayed at their offices. If you visit Dagenham united Football Club at Manor Road you will also see Cypher App’s advertising banner proudly displayed pitch side.

For further information on Dagenham United Under 11 Blues you can visit our Facebook page Dagenham United Blues or follow us on Instagram: dagenhamunitedblues

For addition information on Cypher App please visit; www.getcypherapp.com

Cypher App's announcement can be viewed by clicking the file in this article. (Download on the top right of the page)

Cypher App : Give Help. Get Help. Be Happy. 

 The Dagenham United Official website can be found at dagenhamunitedfc.co.uk